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Renting to Refugees

Thousands of refugee families attempt to resettle in the US each year. Though they have escaped hardships in their home countries, they will still face hardship securing housing and employment once they reach the US. There are several organizations across the country that work to help these families and ease their transition into a new life.

96,000 refugees have entered the United States in 2016 alone. The majority of these families receive financial assistance from the government and private institutions. Many refugees new to the US work with case managers to secure employment and ensure that they can make rent payments.

Though property managers renting to refugees allows them to start a new life in the US, the relationship is mutually beneficial. Here are some of the benefits to leasing to refugees:

  • They do not have criminal background, as they’ve already been screened by the US government and given an I-94 document.

  • Although they don’t have a credit history, they receive financial assistance to pay rent until they’ve secured permanent employment.

  • Case managers make home visits regularly.

  • A housing orientation in class and at home teaches good tenant standards in the US.

  • Several organizations offer basic English lessons that allow better communication between tenant and landlord. Translators are sometimes provided to assist with communication as well.fa

  • They help to revitalize vacant neighborhoods and diversify the community.

  • It’s rewarding!

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