2019 Home Resolutions for Renters

Renting your home doesn’t mean that you can’t make resolutions for home improvements in the new year. We’ve rounded up our best tips for making the most of your apartment come January and through 2019. Cut down on your energy use: turn off lights when you leave a room, turn down the heat at night or while you’re out of the house, unplug power strips when they’re not in use, and air dry your clothes after washing them. Quit smoking! This isn’t just for your own health - purifying the air of your home will rid it of contaminants that can be threatening long term. With doors and windows constantly closed from the cold, the winter leaves your home with the lowest amount of air flow all year, tra

Responsible Pet Ownership in Apartments

Our first tip should be obvious, but clean up after your pets. Not only is not doing so unsanitary, but it can damage the apartment and cut money off the return of your security deposit when you move out. Also, respect your neighbors and keep common areas clean! Keep dogs restrained in common areas and outside. No one wants a runaway pet and not every passerby is dog-friendly. ID tags or microchipping is non-negotiable - make sure neighbors can return a wandering pet or assist in locating any that are lost! Groom and vaccinate. Fleas and other pests, as well as disease, are easily spread amongst pets sharing a space, so keeping up with their grooming and vaccinations to deter any of that. Pl

Renting to Refugees

Thousands of refugee families attempt to resettle in the US each year. Though they have escaped hardships in their home countries, they will still face hardship securing housing and employment once they reach the US. There are several organizations across the country that work to help these families and ease their transition into a new life. 96,000 refugees have entered the United States in 2016 alone. The majority of these families receive financial assistance from the government and private institutions. Many refugees new to the US work with case managers to secure employment and ensure that they can make rent payments. Though property managers renting to refugees allows them to start a ne

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