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Renter Friendly Apartment Upgrades

When moving into a long term rental, many tenants want to make the space their own. While renting can make it difficult to customize your home, there are several ways to personalize your space without making any permanent changes.

  • Add wallpaper: Using a renter friendly wallpaper to elevate rooms is a great way to add your own personality to a room without the need for paint. Just remember to check to make sure it is paint friendly and removable!

  • Change light fixtures: Switching out light fixtures is an easy way to elevate old and outdated lighting. These are typically an easy swap - but make sure to hold on to the old ones to reinstall before you move out!

  • Swap shower heads: One of the easiest upgrades you can make in your day to day life in a rental is swapping out the shower head in your bathroom. Shower heads are easy to remove and reinstall when moving out.

  • Add curtains: Many rental properties make use of blinds, but an extendable curtain rod can quickly elevate this look with customizable curtains to add some color to your space!

  • Room dividers: In some cases, the layout of a room might not be your favorite. In order to break this up or separate spaces for an at home office or playroom, room dividers can be a great renter friendly resource for breaking up your space. 

  • Area rugs: Moving into a place with bland carpet or flooring that’s not your favorite? Area rugs can help to cover and customize your floor however you like. 

  • Upgrade your hardware: Kitchen cabinet hardware may seem like a small part of the apartment, but swapping out the current handles for ones that fit your taste can add a drastic change to the look of your room. 

  • Install new switch plates and outlet covers: There are outlet covers and switch plates in every room of your rental. These are often easily removable for a more attractive swap during your stay. 

  • Colored lighting: Using smart light bulbs, you can create colored and dimmed lighting by switching out the bulbs in your existing light fixtures and lamps - and even add battery operated wall sconces for a new look without the need for hardwiring. 

Moving to a new place can be intimidating, and making it feel like home is one of the best ways to feel happy in your new space. Most landlords are happy to allow renters to make temporary changes to their unit - just make sure to get permission before making any changes that are not easily swapped or removed!


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