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Responsible Pet Ownership in Apartments

Our first tip should be obvious, but clean up after your pets. Not only is not doing so unsanitary, but it can damage the apartment and cut money off the return of your security deposit when you move out. Also, respect your neighbors and keep common areas clean!

Keep dogs restrained in common areas and outside. No one wants a runaway pet and not every passerby is dog-friendly.

ID tags or microchipping is non-negotiable - make sure neighbors can return a wandering pet or assist in locating any that are lost!

Groom and vaccinate. Fleas and other pests, as well as disease, are easily spread amongst pets sharing a space, so keeping up with their grooming and vaccinations to deter any of that. Plus, should your dog bite anyone, you will definitely need proof of vaccinations.

Crate your pets when necessary. maintenance requests may require in-unit visits. Keep pets at bay while workers is going on so they can be in and out of your house as quickly as possible.

Play and go on walks!! Pets don’t like being cooped up in limited space, take time out of your schedule to make sure they’re wearing themselves out to prevent damaging your home and getting fresh air and exercise.

Put rugs down if you have hardwood floors. The constant clicking of nails on the floor will drive your neighbors crazy and any scratches will be seen as property damage to your landlord.

Spay and neuter! This is a responsible move for any pet owners, regardless of their living situation. Litters of puppies and kittens in a building are not something you, your neighbors, or especially your landlords want to deal with.

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