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2019 Home Resolutions for Renters

Renting your home doesn’t mean that you can’t make resolutions for home improvements in the new year. We’ve rounded up our best tips for making the most of your apartment come January and through 2019.

  • Cut down on your energy use: turn off lights when you leave a room, turn down the heat at night or while you’re out of the house, unplug power strips when they’re not in use, and air dry your clothes after washing them.

  • Quit smoking! This isn’t just for your own health - purifying the air of your home will rid it of contaminants that can be threatening long term. With doors and windows constantly closed from the cold, the winter leaves your home with the lowest amount of air flow all year, trapping smoke and smells inside. Try investing in a portable air cleaner - they can be moved around as needed to purify your apartment room by room, keeping your family and pets safe and healthy.

  • Budget for renter’s insurance, protecting you and your family from fire, floods, and theft.

  • Clean and declutter. This is probably an obvious resolution for most homes, but a deep clean will put your mind at ease to start the new year. Throw out or donate what you don’t use and keep up with small cleaning tasks every week or month so you don’t get overwhelmed later.

  • Get to know your neighbors or volunteer around your community. Help take care of each other to keep your neighborhood friendly and safe.

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