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Pre-Approval: Why it’s a Must!

Beacon management is proud to offer a new program: Tenant Pre-Approval. This is the procedure by which prospective tenants are internally pre-approved to meet the qualifications of Beacon Management. Pre-approval does not guarantee any unit, but it helps landlords and property managers to see what qualifications an individual has and if they will meet rental requirements.

Pre-approval can help you with the rental process in a few ways, cutting down time spent giving showings by ruling out or rerouting those who will not meet requirements. Oftentimes, a unit will generate a lot of interest and scheduling and giving showings to every interested individual can become very time consuming. Pre-approval will allow you to save time by showing you exactly what units you are qualified for. Pre-approval can be beneficial as it gives landlords an idea of people who will be living in their units. Not only can screening questions help landlords to get to know prospective tenants, but it also creates a clear outline on requirements for tenants so there are no surprises later in the process. Screening questions might include inquiries about pets, references, income, and other similar questions that will determine your qualifications, similar to any typical rental application. Answering these questions as a tenant can help to give us an idea of your qualifications. 

While pre-approval might seem like an unnecessary extra step in the rental process, its benefits are worth the time required to submit your information. Pre-approval is one of the best ways to find a rental unit that works for you and will save you time on searching for and calling about units by providing you with the right fit for your qualifications.


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